Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 296`

I’m cold. The sun finally set, and it’s been raining constantly since then. Three days now without a break. I had to leave the place I was staying. The Beast kept coming. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t breathe without wondering if I would wake up again. This…this place is getting to me. I can feel it inside my head, especially when I stop moving. It’s like…like little sparks behind my eyes, but the sparks absorb light instead of radiating it. It’s a sibilant whisper in my mind, carrying no words but more meaning than any poor human could hope to understand. I can feel that indefinable spark that is me beginning to wear away. Is that what this place does? Is that how it claims its victims? I can feel my energy getting less and less, slowly. Last week I was able to lift large rocks by simply willing it. Now, I can barely keep my recorder floating in front of me as I walk. I feel….grey. Lifeless, like the stones all around me. Is that it? Am I becoming a stone?

I can hear the Beasts following me. I think there’s more than one. I know I killed at least three in the last few centuries I’ve been here. The thing in the room in the Tower told me so. And she said I was a horrible person for doing it. It’s….maybe she was right. She was me…she knew me. She knew everything I had ever done. Even the things I didn’t remember. But the things she said were so Strange and biZarr#. She told me things. Horrible things. Tales of the murder of innocents and the corruption of the holy. Stories of blood and slaughter. I could see my hands, coated in the gore of a thousand dead children. I could see the great, monstrous entity that is the universe, just a single cell in a larger being of pure, unadulterated Evil. That is the truth of the universe. There is no justice. There is no love or light. The universe truly hates us. It wants us to die, and we manifest its wish in ourse€ãð)á@-éè0Ÿå  “å ]á Ѓ53 ã<ƒâ  “å"à   ã â"  ‚â â  ‚â â  ‚â â  ‚â â  ‚â  â  ‚â@ â  ‚â â
  ‚â â
  ‚â â  ‚â â  ‚â
â  ‚â
â² Ãá0Ÿåà  ‘åà áÿ/á@½è ð)á ½è ðiá @½èÿ/áü I ð  ðO-é@Óå  Tã 
T  êPÒä  UãQ 
  Uã  ¶AÓá €à÷ÿÿê@“å²`ÔáPEà`”å…P áµP–á`”å•à €”冀ˆà”冐‰à`”å`ÖçpÓå`†à ´ á€àÀ â Á áÀlâ -éPÔåPEâ` â&a á°àÓá¡q á—à«áŽà p“åq—ç†p‡à`⡇à0 -éPÔå@Ôå ã 
°`Øá²pØá„€ˆàh†á° Ùá²pÙᄐ‰àx‚á„`˜„p™° Úá7,à6,‚á´ Êàâ ã  ° ÓáàŽà “å¡’ç ⢠ŠàPUâäÿÿ0 ½è°‹â`ÔåAà`”å`FↀHà†IàPUâÌÿÿ ½èªÿÿêðO½èÿ/á@-éHŸå ‘å$ ã<0‘å  Sã¸3Ñ°0     
㶠Ðá €âä Pã   €0ƒà@ ‘å€0ƒà° Óá° Âá@½èÿ/á   ð -é¨ Ÿå  åhål å3 ã!H á"X á@âPâ°AÃá²QÃáp0åt@å£9 á¤I á¡    Sᢠ   T 
p€åt €å\0Ÿå 0“å P“å@“å¡„à¢) á•"à0“å@@Ÿå PEâ ` ã  ã ãpÒä–7'à´p×á²pÄàQâùÿÿ ‚à Pâõÿÿð ½èÿ/á   ð  à Ðäâ ÐäQâ 
0Ðä(‚á0Ðä,‚á  áÿ/áð-é0Ðä0â Ðä0Sâ 
@Ðä(‚á@Ðä,‚á0Ðä#B á0âP ã` árŸå €àãÐä Ðä
”‰á)¦ á° ÇáªÉ㠐 ã    áIüÿÿ
²Çá iâ© á ‡å™ á‡å p‡â`Vâìÿÿ` áÀqŸåÐä Ðä
”‰á)¦ á° ÇáªÉ㠐 ã    áIüÿÿ
²Çá iâ© á ‡å™ á‡å p‡â`Vâìÿÿ`ÐäpÐäd‡ápÐäd‡ápÐäd‡ápàãTŸå á ˜å
à°˜å Zá 
€ˆâYâ÷ÿÿ²Øái á    p—à  JÐäg†ápWâûÿÿZ°Øá  Yã
  &œ áÁä ãi á    p—à  JÐäg†ápWâûÿÿZ RâÞÿÿð½èÿ/á  iâ6ª á©Šài á    p—à  JÐäg†ápWâûÿÿZ¤€Ÿå á°˜å° àÀ˜å [á 
€ˆâYâ÷ÿÿ²Øái á    p—à  JÐäg†ápWâûÿÿZ°Øá °iâ6» ṋà°Kâi á    p—à  JÐäg†ápWâûÿÿZ
Rà¬ÿÿŠð½èÿ/á          µþFG¼G  ðO-é @ á ã ”å á  ”å"& á¢Q áÿ â0â³ €á$ ”å"& á¢a áÿ â0â³ €á(p”å§w á,€”娇 á   ã Váo 
ð-é H°€ ± FÀ€ˆÂ Zã  ƒ€ p ᐠã¸QÔằÔá Xᘰ  º  á ál#Ÿål3Ÿåà áÿ/áà WáÀ ±  º  á áL#ŸåL3Ÿåà áÿ/á À á• à°â‹² á¶àÔáŽå áäŽâ0”å-é€-é Ôå ã* 
”å´@ÔáG áD„”èpâ ƒàç( á â( áâ €á ‡à €á á± ŽáÌŸå €à ㈂‚àÔ€€å„àØ€å ããÜ€åp‡âpâÀŒâ \á À Yâãÿÿ å °‹â>¾ â`†à Vá ` ZâÙÿÿ  ꀝèp⌠ƒà† €à°€Ðá ‡à€  á°€Žáp‡âpâÀŒâ \á À Yâòÿÿ °‹â>¾ â`†à Vá ` ZâéÿÿЍ⠽èð½è Zãu  * Uás 
G°p ±EÀp‡Â Vá ˆ²
F° ˆ¢
F € ¡ Yãp  ƒ Z〠  ƒ¸QÔằÔá Xᘰ  º  á á˜!Ÿå˜1Ÿåà áÿ/áà WáÀ ±  º  á áx!Ÿåx1Ÿåà áÿ/á À á• à°â‹² á¶àÔáŽå áäŽâ0”å -é€-é Ôå ã* 
”å´@ÔáG áD„”èpâ ƒàç( á â( áâ €á ‡à €á á± Žáä Ÿå €à ㈂‚àÔ€€å„àØ€å ããÜ€åp‡âpâÀŒâ \á À Yâãÿÿ å °‹â>¾ â`†à Vá ` ZâÙÿÿ  ꀝèp⌠ƒà† €à°€Ðá ‡à€  á°€Žáp‡âpâÀŒâ \á À Yâòÿÿ °‹â>¾ â`†à Vám going to stop talking now…too many tears, and too far to go. I’ve seen a military base in the woods from several of my hideouts. It is my destination. I need to find more weapons….and I need to find the cave that the thing in the Tower told me of. It may yet be my salvation.






im sorry






don’t tell the vicar


the virii wouldn’t understand



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