Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 5


Citadel of Tears

I have begun drawing in the notebook. These are two of the results. The first picture’s caption implies it is some sort of map, but I can find no correlation to any geographical or man-made features I have seen thus far. It may be an encoded set of coordinates, or some sort of key to a larger map, but I can’t say. The second picture appears to be of some sort of abstract construction, placed in the center of a city under heavy rain. The caption, “Torre di Lacrimae”, is a badly mangled attempt at the Latin for “Citadel of Tears”. I vaguely remember drawing these things, but I do not know where these pictures or their captions came from. For the time being, I am assuming that an external force is motivating certain aspects of my behavior, such as my sleeping patterns and these drawings.

While I was drawing last night, I could hear things moving outside this restaurant. I was careful to keep the gun close at hand, but the sounds were quiet and faded away. I have decided not to leave this building today, instead focusing my energies on exploring. I am currently going through the management office. Everything seems to be in a state of moderate decay, with-

Oh, hello.

I have just found two interesting things. The first is a calendar. It appears to be from the year 2014. That seems wrong to me, somehow. Still, for the time being I will assume that is the current year. The second item is a small generator, which I will now attempt to start.

(panting) After several unsuccessful attempts, I’ve gotten the generator to run. There appears to be enough fuel to run it for several months. I’m attempting to fire up the computer in this office to see if any more information can be gleaned from its files. As a side note, there is a bag of potato chips on the desk. I’m still not hungry, but I’m eating them anyway. They’re incredibly tasty.

The computer is up. Whoever built it didn’t bother to put a password on, and it appears to be a UNIX-based system. I’m now navigating the file system, looking for anything I might be able to use. There appear to be a cache of media files. Opening the first one now.

(a clattering noise caused by me dropping the voice recorder. Muffled sounds of scrambling, panting, and what may be screaming from the videos. More clattering as I retrieve the recorder, panting heavily) I…I won’t be watching any more of those videos. I don’t want to discuss what I saw on the one I watched, not today. I think I may now know what the things look like, the things I heard last night. I’m just wondering one thing.

Where did the bodies go?

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