Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A List


Day One

Things currently in my possession: One (1) Gerber multitool, each blade stained with something brown that won’t scrub off. One (1) Sony VAIO F-Series laptop, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition. Two (2) T-shirts, black, no tags. Four (4) pairs jeans, various cuts, all identifying tags removed. Three (3) pairs each bras and panties, black, plain. One (1) notebook, empty. One (1) pen, black, Uni-Ball Signature brand. Five (5) pairs ankle socks, black. One (1) pair hiking boots, black, all tags removed. One (1) pair sneakers, Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Top brand, size tag removed. One (1) book, copyright 1893, titled “No One and Nowhere”, author one G. B. Allain. One (1) metal chain, fine, holding two (2) metal identification badges (“dog tags”) written in a language I cannot read.

Things I know about myself: I am female. I have long brown hair held in a ponytail by a knotted string. I am of average height and weight, though I am not aware of how I know what “average” is. I have facial features consistent with an individual of Asian descent, though again I do not know how I know this. I have brown eyes. I am left-handed. I appear to be proficient at typing and computer use. I have no visible scars or injuries of any kind. My hands and feet are callused, as if I spend considerable time climbing and running barefoot. I am between 25 and 29 years old.

Things I do not know: My identity. My past. How I arrived in this place. Where this place is. Why I am here.

Current location: A small bedroom, dingy as if from long misuse, mold growing up the pale yellow walls. There are rotting shelves with “my” belongings sitting on them, an old unvarnished dresser holding the clothing, and a bed, twin sized, with brass poles for headboard and footboard. The mattress is thin and smells strongly of mold. There is a single door, set directly across from the foot of the bed. It is made of wood, rotting, and appears to be locked. My efforts to turn the handle have not met with success. I must get out.

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