Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 216

I shouldn't have gone to the tower.

It was a stupid thing to do. My DI would've had my ass for such a basic mistake, walking right into an unknown situation without even basic recon.

...what's a DI?

(sounds of labored, pained breathing for approximately 3 minutes)

My leg is broken. I think a few of my ribs are too. Hurts like hell. I took some morphine I found at the military base, but it's not helping. I just feel...foggy, like my mind's no longer quite in sync with reality. I wonder if this is what it feels like to die. Dunno. I'll tell you what, though. It's pretty awkward.

(pained gasp, sound of water sloshing in a container)

My shoulder's hurt too. Must've been from when the shadow threw me through that wall. What WAS that thing, anyway? It looked...

No. Not gonna talk about that.

I'm gonna die here. I know that now. This is...this place, it's what's left behind after time passes through. Places like this are the tracks the universe leaves behind. I thought the tower might provide a way home. I was wrong. There is no way home. Time left me behind, and there's no way to catch up.

It's cold here now. After months of gloom, the sun is starting to set. I wouldn't be surprised if it begins to snow soon. The long dark winter of the soul is beginning to set in. If I could move I'd go look for shelter. Something tells me that the Beast likes the dark. It's his time now. He'll be looking for me. I think I'm the only prey he has left.
I need to get out of this wind. I'm losing feeling in my heart. Goodnight, stars. Goodnight, clouds. Goodnight, trees. Goodnight, stones. Goodnight, Beast.

Goodnight, soul.

I'm so lonely...

(sounds of quiet crying. Recording ends)

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